Deploying to Azure

June 10, 2019

Learning Gatsby has been going along well. I’ve created a really simple “Hello World” web page and a bare-bones blog page with the Gatsby Starter Blog.

Deploying a Gatsby site to Surge.sh is insanely easy! Even posting a site to GitHub pages was not too difficult. But what about deploying to a production level cloud service like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure? Where Surge and GitHub are free, deploying to Azure could possibly incur charges. Luckily, I have a 12-month free trial account with Microsoft Azure, so I was willing to give it a try.

Deploying to Azure was not on the usual Gatsby list to deploy and host, but there was a specific article posted on the Gatsby blog that I found here. You can read the blog post for the gritty details.

How did it go? Well, to be honest, navigating around Azure has a bit of a learning curve. Getting things configured and creating a “tenant” account with Microsoft was a bit challenging. This is a service geared towards enterprise production work and not something simple for personal/hobby/educational use. That said, I was able to get a Storage Account configured for static web hosting. Going by the excellent instructions provided on the Gatsby blog, I got the VS Code extension installed. After few more hoops to jump through, I got the Azure device linked to VS Code.

You can view the results here - if I’m lucky, you should be seeing this same blog post on Azure, assuming you found this blog on Surge.sh first.



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